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Watch our short video launched in February 2013 and our court management software already provides online reservations for 55 Belgian Tennis Clubs.

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The Prize-winning Online Tennis Court Reservations System from Belgium!

Players, coaches and managers can check availability and book in real time. We relieve the everyday frustrations of your members and free your time to concentrate on your core business.

Our personal and friendly assistance helps you set your club up and move all your regular bookings over so that your online bookings will pick up seamlessly. Read more about the concept.

“Simple, modern, fast support and excellent value for money.”Alain, TC Visé
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“A very good solution for managing our courts at a very competitive price.”Arnaud, TC Oreye

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ASA Tennis4520 Antheit085/
Alpaga C.T.L.1420 Braine-l'Alleud0496/
Bayard T.C. Dinantais5500 Anseremme082/
Borsbeek T.C.2150 Borsbeek03/
C.T.C. La Calamine4720 La Calamine 087/
La Marmotte4680 Oupeye0498/100
Linkebeek Sport1630
R.A.E.C.T. Mons7000 Mons065/
R.E.T.C. Jumet6040 Jumet071/
R.E.T.C. Lambermont4800 Lambermont087/
R.T.C. Aywaille4920 Aywaille04/
R.T.C. Bellerive4130 Tilff04/
R.T.C. Binchois7134 Ressaix064/
R.T.C. Chaudfontaine4050 Chaudfontaine04/
R.T.C. Hannutois4280 Hannut 019/51.21.51
R.T.C. Spa4900 Spa087/77.19.72
Smashing Club Le Roeulx7070 Le Roeulx064/
T.C. 3 Frontières4851 Gemmenich0474/
T.C. Amay4540 Amay085/
T.C. Anthisnes4163 Tavier0499/
T.C. Avantage Geer4250 Geer019/
T.C. Beaufays4052 Beaufays04/
T.C. Belgrade5001 Belgrade081/
T.C. Bouge5004 Bouge081/
T.C. Couvin5660 Couvin060/
T.C. Dendertennis (Test)9200 Dendermonde +32 52 21 01
T.C. Esneux4130 Esneux04/
T.C. Hamoir4180 Hamoir086/
T.C. Haut Clocher4347 Fexhe le Haut Clocher04/
T.C. Hechtel-Eksel3941 EkselJohan Pieters 0473660372
T.C. Jalhay4845 Jalhay087/
T.C. Jamioulx6120 Jamioulx071/
T.C. La Ligne5140
T.C. Les Acacias6110 Montigny-Le-Tilleul0496/
T.C. Leuze7900 Leuze-en-Hainaut069/
T.C. Malonne5020 Malonne081/
T.C. Neuf Bonniers4500 Tihange0499/
T.C. Neupré4122 Neupré04/
T.C. Oreye4360 Oreye0486 80 11
T.C. Raeren4730 Raeren087 - 85 04
T.C. Raquette Olne4877 Olne087/
T.C. Renaissance4420 Montegnée04/
T.C. Rhisnois5080;
T.C. Richellois4600 Richelle04/
T.C. Saint François d'Assise 1410 Waterloo0476 80 25
T.C. Salm6690 Vielsalm080/
T.C. Seraing4100 Seraing04/
T.C. Set Wahis1030 Bruxelles 02/726.32.02
T.C. Thuin6530 Thuin071/
T.C. Visé4600 Visé04/
T.C. Waltzing6700 Arlon0497/
T.C. Waremmien4300 Waremme019/
T.C. de Beloeil7970 BELOEIL069/
Tennis Rail Club Namurois5000 Namur081/
VDP Tennis2550
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