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200,000 players regularly visit one of the 850 tennis clubs around Belgium. Across Europe, nearly 10 million players are affiliated to tennis clubs.

The majority of court bookings are still made using pen and paper based systems. In our survey of tennis players last year we found that nearly 80% of players were dissatisfied with their clubs' reservations systems and wanted to be able to book their courts online. can help solve your club's booking management problems and relieve the everyday frustration of players! We propose an alternative to reservations on paper or magnetic board. On this site, players, but also coaches and club managers can check court availability and make bookings. It saves everyone time and allows you to concentrate on your core business. Once your club is added to the list of participating clubs, all players will be able to make online bookings and see bookings in real time. Sign up below for more information and to be first in line when we launch in your club.

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